Thursday, March 16th 2017


Push press 4×6 . Superset w/kb bent over row 8/side.

B) 21-15-9 power snatch (95/65lb)-pullup. *

After each round 200m pinch grip carry w/10lb plates


chest to bar pullups

Metcon class 

Partner Chipper:

400m run with 20/14lb medball

100 wallballs

400m run w/medball

50 box jumps

400m run w/medball

100 kb swings

Run 400m w/medball

50 partner plank over burpees

400m run with medball

*For burpees one athlete will hold elbow plank, while other athlete does a lateral burpee and then jumps over lower half of partner holding plank.

*One person works at a time on movements. On runs, both partners run together and can switch off who is carrying medball whenever desired