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IMG_3966Elena Hudan

For most of Coach and Massage Therapist Elena Hudan’s life, she’s been told that her healing hands were a gift.  But, it wasn’t until she came on board San Francisco CrossFit as a Coach and heeded mentor Kelly Starrett’s advice, “You have great hands.  Your hands were born to do bodywork,” that she decided to earn her Certified Massage Therapist designation.

She simply wants all of her clients to feel like she does: “Today I feel better than yesterday and tomorrow I know I will feel better than today.”

Movement-First is a way of bodywork developed by Elena which integrates Kelly Starrett’s Movement and Mobility model with various bodywork techniques such as Sports and Medical Massage, Structural Integration, Trigger Point Release, Reiki and Ortho-Bionomy®, a gentle and painless technique to help the body release pain, tightness and tension.

Growing up on the shores of the Black Sea in Yalta, Crimea, Elena was active in various sports, including running, rock climbing, and swimming — she eventually earned a spot in the Soviet swimming development program.

Once in the U.S., Elena received a political economics degree from U.C. Berkeley and became a financial analyst at a Fortune 500 company. She continued her active lifestyle by competing in mountain bike races, climbing mountains, hiking, skiing and backpacking throughout Colorado and California.

Her career flourished, but things didn’t add up. She got bored, restless, and became injured from prolonged sitting in front of a computer. She felt like she was dying slowly inside. She ultimately didn’t feel like what she did mattered.

Elena found San Francisco CrossFit while researching treatments for bursitis, a very painful condition, on her left hip. After exhausting traditional western medical treatments, she couldn’t sleep, sit, or think. Her search led her to Kelly Starrett’s, where she discovered the tools and techniques to relieve pain and improve her range of motion. In turn, Elena signed up for an Introduction to CrossFit Basics class and realized then that she had found her calling to coaching.  She spent countless hours learning Kelly’s Movement and Mobility system, fully healed from her ailment, and became a coach at San Francisco CrossFit.

Inspired to give back, Elena started volunteering her time with a quadriplegic neighbor. After about a year or so of working with Elena, he had drastically improved his mobility and range of motion. This profound experience along with encouragement from others inspired Elena to become a bodyworker.

B.A. Political Economies of Industrial Societies, U.C. Berkeley

Certified Massage Therapist, CA License #62397
Associate, Society of Ortho-Bionomy® International

National Academy of Sports Medicine – Corrective Exercise Specialist
CrossFit Level 1 Trainer
CrossFit Mobility Trainer
CrossFit Endurance Trainer
CrossFit Olympic Lifting Trainer
CrossFit Kettlebell Trainer

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IMG_3966Yasmen Mehta

Yasmen has been teaching Pilates and Yoga in America for over 20 years. As a professional dancer and a competitive speed skater, Yasmen has developed a profound respect for the human body, and for what it takes to push the boundaries of human endurance. Yasmen has a passion for connecting and training athletes, and inspiring them to be their best by understanding how their bodies move and work. Yasmen’s counseling utilizes Mobility as taught by Dr. Kelly Starrett and Yoga Tune Up® as trained by Jill Miller to access the full potential of an athlete. The lack of flexibility and limited joint range can derail any progress an athlete is trying to make and at it’s worse injure an athlete. “Play offensive not defensive with your body” is her mantra. Training athletes to take care of themselves has huge rewards in output of power, speed and strength.

Issues surrounding injuries, stiffness, lack of range in the joints are all manageable. With patience and consistency she loves to take people on their voyage of discovering their capacity for work, along with a lot of laughter. Yasmen has taught many different types of athletes from police officers to chefs and NBA players. She has also helped athletes after hip and knee replacements, and other injuries to get up to speed, lead normal productive lives and be able to get back into their sport of choice. With the right information and stimulus, the ability of the human body to heal itself never ceases to amaze her. Her mobility consultations zero in on how an athlete moves first, explaining and correcting positional faults and only then addressing simple ways through Mobility and Yoga Tune Up® to allow an athlete to heal. A plan is then put together for keeping tissues and joints from misuse and neglect and living pain free.

Originally from India, Yasmen first came to the US to learn how to dance. Being an artist and athlete is not new to her. In high school she was either on the stage folk dancing, or outdoors on the track, and playing field hockey. Yasmen started her own modern dance company in San Francisco (California Contemporary Dancers) and toured nationally and internationally for 16 years. After retiring from the stage in 2006, she fell in love with short track speed skating. Training under US Olympic coach Susan Ellis, she competes on a national level and has held the California State Champion title for the last five years.

Since 2009, San Francisco CrossFit has played a huge role in Yasmen’s development as a competitive speed skater. Dr. Kelly Starrett’s introduction to Mobility and subsequently Jill Miller’s Yoga Tune Up® work will always be her first love, appealing to the yogic thinking she grew up with. “I believe whether deadlifting double your bodyweight, or skating at high speed on the edge of a sharp blade, or flying across the stage in a grand jeté, it’s all the same,” says Yasmen. “It’s a basic primal sensation of feeling utterly human and wonderfully alive. It’s an honor to be teaching at San Francisco CrossFit and being a part of an athlete’s journey, so that they can experience that too.”


  • CrossFit Level 1
  • CrossFit Mobility
  • CrossFit Endurance
  • CrossFit Weightlifting Trainer course
  • Yoga Tune Up®
  • Yoga Tune Up® Therapy Ball Practitioners Training
  • Massage Therapist
  • Pilates
  • Core Aligne®
  • Iyengar Yoga

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In telling her life story, she explores the power, beauty and grace of the human body while encouraging others to experience that for themselves

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