Adaptive Athletics

P1010030 (600x800)CrossFit can work for anyone regardless of physical disabilities. Our Adaptive Athletics class focuses on individuals with permanent physical disabilities (or severe temporary injuries). We provide additional support and experience to enable impaired individuals to become comfortable with the fundamentals of functional movement. This class is open to every type of physical disability: amputation, limb salvage, neurological damage, sensory impairment, or TBI. With or without mobility aids (wheelchairs, hand crutches etc.). Whatever the case may be, the movements can be adapted to fit your situation.

The class is designed to be a safe place to experiment in pushing your current physical boundaries. We have a supportive environment where you can learn from other like-minded individuals in an effort to achieve your goals. Our goal is to take you to your next level of athletic ability, whatever that maybe. From the basic goals such as better balance, decreasing fatigue and pain reduction; to more advanced goals like running, weightlifting and gymnastics. Everyone has the potential to be an athlete. If you are ready to work, we are ready to show you the path to a more full and active life.

Adaptive Athletics is led by Dr. Dianna Di Toro, DPT, Marine Officer and Wounded Warrior volunteer, and assisted by Max Conserva of GoodLeg.Org.  The class is offered for free to all members and non-members, meeting every Sat 11:30am – 1pm.

If you are interested in attending you must email to Max and Dianna at: [email protected] // [email protected]

If you need some motivation to get started check out this No Excuses Working Wounded video.

For further information on Dr. Dianna Di Toro, see her profile on here.

Max’s personal story of finding an athletic lifestyle through San Francisco CrossFit can be found here.

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