Tuesday, January 17th 2017


A) 12 minute EMOM:

Minutes 1-4: 5 touch and go power cleans each minute

Minutes 5-8:  3 touch and go power cleans each minute

Minutes 9-12: 1 power clean each minute

*Increase weight over the course of the 12 rounds

B) 6 rounds:

3 heavy deadlifts (315/225lb)-7 renegade row pushups (35/25lb)- 20 second L-sit hold (w/parallettes)

*L-sit hold is accumulated time, so athlete can hold it for 10 seconds, rest, and then hold remaining 10 seconds.

*L-sit options from hardest to easier:

legs straight above parallel, one leg straight, both legs tucked, hands on boxes instead of parallettes


365/245lb and 2 45lb plates stacked in front of parallettes, time stops any time feet touches plates

Metcon class 

4 rounds of

Row 1000m/900m-12 burpees over the rower-16 kb goblet cleans (53/35lb)

Rest exactly 3 minutes after each round.

Monday, January 16th 2017


A) Every 90 seconds for 12 rounds.

Rotate through 1 movement every 90 seconds for a total of 4 rounds of each movement.

1) barbell front rack lunges 12 reps at a challenging weight (6/side)

2) 4x length of rig staggered kb farmers/OH carry

*One hand holds kb OH, one hand holds KB by side. Go down and back with one arm up, then down and back with other arm up

3) 10 db bicep curl to press

B) Broken Fran. Perform each round as fast as possible with good quality. Rest exactly 90 secs after each round.

Round 1: 21 thrusters-21 pullups

Round 2: 15 thrusters- 15 pullups

Round 3: 9 thrusters-9 pullups

C) If time remaining accumulate 75 PVC pipe sit-ups


Broken Heavy Fran. 135/95lb thrusters and CTB pull-ups

Metcon class 

A) 10 rounds for time of

 10 db weighted box step overs (35/25lb) (20/18″ box) -12 db push press-14 air squats-run 200m

*5 step ups/side

Saturday, January 14th 2017


Partner chipper, one person working at a time

Buy in – 400m farmers carry

50 pull ups
50 power snatches (95/65)
50 OHS (95/65)
50 DL (185/135)
50 weighted sit ups

Buy out  – 400m farmers carry

*Every minute a partner does 20 double under.  Alternate minutes.

*No other work may be done until the DU are complete for that minute.

Metcon class 


3 min on 2 min off alternating between

A) run 400 then  burpee box jumps for remainder of time

b) row 500 then AMRAP  10 lunges + 5 push ups

Friday, January 13th 2017

Last class at 9:30am!


A) 3 rounds: Run 400m-6 clean and jerks (155/105lb) -Row 500m-6 clean and jerks-100 double unders

B) Accumulate 30 strict toes to bar


A) 185/135lb B) Accumulate 30 strict L-sit toes to bar

Metcon class 

5 rounds of :

3x (5 pullups-10 kb swings- 15 air squats-20 double unders)

*Rest 90 seconds after each round.

Thursday, January 12th 2017


A) back squat 5×8 @ ~65-70% . Go every 90 seconds

B) 5 minute AMRAP: 10 alternating OH lunges (95/65lb)-10 calorie row

Rest 5 minutes

5 minute AMRAP: 10 hang power cleans (95/65lb)-10 bar over burpees



Metcon class 

20 db burpee ground to OH (35/25lb) – 3000m row- 20 db burpee ground to OH

Wednesday, January 11th 2017


A) Find a one rep max strict press. Once you find that, find a one rep max push press.

If you have time remaining, go for 1x max reps push press @ 75% 1RM

*16-20 minute time cap

B) 16 minute alternating EMOM:

             1) 10-12 alternating db snatch (50/35lb)

2) Choose between the following:

3 pullups-6 pushups-9 air squats

or 4-8-12

or 5-10-15


65-70lb/45-50lb db, 1 round of Cindy

Metcon class 

40 min EMOM:

1) burpee broad jump from start of gym floor to wall

2) assault bike 12/9 cals or airdyne 18/14 cals

3) 10-12 db thrusters

4) Run 200m

5) Rest

Tuesday, January 10th 2017


A) 12 minute EMOM:

Minues 1-4:  5 touch and go power snatches every minute

Minutes 5-8: 3 touch and go power snatches every minute

Minutes 9-12: 1 power snatch every minute

*Increasing weight over the course of the 12 rounds

B) 50-40-30-20-10 double unders

10-8-6-4-2 HSPU

1 rope climb after every round


14-12-10-8-6 HSPU (flat surface or abmat + 25lb plates)

 1 legless rope climb after each round

Metcon class 

A) 5 rounds of

Row 500m-Carry 160lb/120lb of plates around the rig once.

*Men will have 3  45lb plates + 1  25lb plate. Women will have 3  25lb plates + 1 45lb plate. All the plates must go around the rig once before beginning next round, but it can be done in as many trips as needed. Athletes can carry 1 plate at a time, or 2 or 3, etc….

Monday, January 9th 2016


A) 12 minute AMRAP: 8 squat cleans (95/65lb)-8 toes to bar-200m run

B) Every 90 seconds for 12 rounds.

1) weighted step ups 8/side (w/kbs or dbs)

2) speed deadlifts x10 @ ~50 1RM

3) max hand release pushups in 30 seconds

*Rx standard: knee and thigh can’t touch ground at bottom of pushup



Metcon class 

A) 5 rounds: 10 db hang clusters (35/25lb)-15 wallballs-20 box jumps. Rest 90 secs between rounds.

B) 3-4 rounds for quality: 8-10 tempo ring rows *Tempo 2020

30 second hollow body hold

10 GHD hip extensions with 1 second pause a top