Saturday, March 18th 2017


Partner Chipper

*Both partners run together, one person works at a time on all movements.

Run 400m-80 Overhead lunges (95/65lb)-80 double unders-80 kb swings (53/35lb) -80 double unders- 80 bar over burpees- 80 double unders-80 toes to bar-Run 400m

Metcon class

16 minute alternating EMOM: 1) 5-10-15 or 4-8-12 or 3-6-9 of pullup-pushup-air squat

2) 2xlength of rig farmers carry w/dbs (50-70lbs per hand/35-50lbs)

Rest 5 minutes

16 minute alternating EMOM: 1) 5db deadllifts+5 db power cleans+5 db push press (35/25lb)

2) 8-16 calorie row