Big Weekend of Competition For SFCFers

This was a huge weekend of competition for SFCF athletes.   Check out what SFCF athletes were up to this weekend:

Pon™ – Headlands 50 Miler

This Saturday, Pon™ raced in the Headlands 50 miler which is a grueling course with tons of elevation change.   Last year, Pon™ posted a time of 13 hours and 45 minutes and this year he absolutely crushed his time by more than three hours, finishing the race in 10 hours and 40 minutes.   Not only is that time awesome in and of itself but the time also qualifies Pon™ for a lottery spot for the Western States 100 miler.   The Western States is so popular that there is a lottery to enter and to even be considered for the lottery, athletes must post a time of under 11 hours in a qualifying event.   At well under 11 hours, Pon’s time last weekend qualifies him to enter the lottery, and hopefully a spot in the 2013 Western States.   Go Pon™!






Team SFCF v. TJ’s Gym – Throwdown

On Sunday, six SFCF athletes Brian Thompson, Joe Herrle, Lucas Robinson, Katy Verry, Lisa Warren, and Danielle Rabkin participated in three grueling workouts – pretty much back-to-back – versus TJ’s Gym in Mill Valley.   Team SFCF won all three workouts handily and kept the Pimp Cup in San Francisco!   Super extra congratulations to Katy Verry for participating in her first ever Crossfit competition and to Joe Herrle who showed up and crushed after taking second place with Beth Helton the day before in the adventure race (details below).   Thanks so much to TJ’s for hosting, to our resident photographer Tory Kornblum for taking some awesome photos – you can view the whole gallery on our SFCF facebook page, and to all the spectators/supports who showed up to cheer on our team.   Go Team SFCF!






Joe Herrle & Beth Helton – Crossfit Anywhere Adventure Race

Congratulations to Beth Helton and Joe Herrle for taking 2nd Place overall in the Crossfit Anywhere Adventure Race on Saturday.   This race was a cool combination of Crossfit and adventure racing that included kayaking (obviously), running, partner squats, and more.   During the partner squats, Joe squatted Beth 85 times!   Awesome job Joe and Beth!







Devan Green – NAGA San Francisco Grappling Championship

SFCFer and Brazilian Ju-Jitsu competitor Devan Green competed on Saturday in the NAGA San Francisco Grappling Championship at Kezar Stadium.  Devan played in 3 divisions and finished with two bronze medals and a final silver medal.  Congratulations Devan!