Tuesday, February 14th 2017


A) 4 rounds. Go every 3:30 minutes:

8 strict press + 6 db weighted step ups /side (20/18″ box) + 20 second (accumulated) L-sit hold

 B) 9 minute AMRAP:

10 kb snatches (53/35lb)-12 goblet lunges-30 double unders

*Kb snatches are from a swing not the ground.

C) Coaches choice core/accessory work


62/44lb kb

Metcon class 

A) 5 rounds, each for time. Go every 5 minutes

 200m run-40 double unders or 80 singles-20 russian kb swings-10 kb goblet cleans-5 pullups

B) 12 x 30secs on 30secs off alternating through:

1) wall facing handstand hold 2) ring plank hold 3) chin over bar hold (just 15-20 secs of the 30 sec interval)