Biological Assessment

At San Francisco CrossFit, we are dedicated to empowering our athletes to own and understand their own bodies. To maximize fitness and wellness, we believe it is critical to understand the impacts of lifestyle on our bodies. We have to go beyond nutrition and understand what is going on with each athlete’s personal biology. We cannot just speculate as to what is going on underneath the hood, we need real data. Regular biological assessment should be part of every athlete’s program.

To this end, we have partnered with WellnessFX to provide cutting edge biological assessment. This is not what you get at your doctor’s office – it will change your view about and behavior with regard to your health and wellness forever.

What is WellnessFX?

WellnessFX is a personalized wellness and health service. Customers will use cutting-edge diagnostics, physician consultations, and the digital platform to measure, understand and improve their health. Where you use CrossFit to optimize your exercise, use WellnessFX to optimize the rest of your health and wellness.

The Process

Test: The WellnessFX process starts with a blood draw. There are regular draws at CrossFit and you can find a time convenient to you. We measure over 75 different health values from your blood. (Common blood tests looks at less than 15). This high level of detail enables deep insights into your health and tailored recommendations.

Learn: Once the diagnostics are complete you select a physician from our world class network. Your chosen practitioner will guide you through your results. The personal consultation will take place over a 30 minute phone call, scheduled at your convenience. During this time, your health insights will be revealed and all of your questions will be answered.

Improve: As part of the physician consult, you will received personalized recommendations and develop a tailored plan. This plan is based on your health data, lifestyle, and priorities, and can be as ambitious or easy going as you choose.

Track: The WellnessFX health dashboard displays your progress against your personal plan. You can use this feedback to improve your plan and better achieve your goals. Further consultation and diagnostics will help you as you continue on the journey toward your optimum self.

Check out the different plans at the WellnessFX website.

Email any questions to: [email protected].