Thursday, February 16th 2017


A) back squat 8-6-3-3. Start @ ~75% of 1RM and work up to 85%+

 *After each working set 5-10 strict ring/bar dips

B) 20-14-8

db power clean-db box step over (35/25lb) (20/18″ box)

* After each round, 200m run with heavy slamball or plate

*Ladies 35-45lb plate or 40lb slamball

*Men 45-55lb plate or 50lb slamball


50/35lb dbs

Metcon class 

3 rounds for time of

50 wallballs-500m row-50 box jumps (or step-ups)-400m run-50 pushups

*For first time athletes or beginner level athletes, scale reps to 30 or 40 of each movement