Reminder: Spring Leaning Kick-Off Tonight, 7:00 p.m.

Our 2012 Spring Leaning is kicking off tonight at 7 p.m.   We will be doing a brief talk about what the Paleo Diet is and how the challenge will work and then Zak Holdsworth, SFCF athlete and WellnessFX representative, will give a short talk about what they are doing with biological assessment.   If this is your first time, bring $30 cash for the kitty and be prepared to take your “before” pictures (men: shorts; women; shorts/sports bra).  If you are a veteran of our leaning competition, you don’t need to stay for the presentation – you can just take your “before” photo and bring $30 cash for the kitty.   The only difference this year is we will be tracking our food on Beyond The Whiteboard instead of our old food-tracking tool.   Food logging will begin on FRIDAY, May 11th and the competition will end on Saturday, June 9th.    If you cannot make it tonight, the camera will be at SFCF through  next Tuesday morning and you can have one of our coaches take your pictures and sign you up.   See you then!