Paleo Onramp

Are you interested in the Paleo Diet? Have you tried the Paleo Diet before and just couldn’t make it stick? Well good news, because there’s now a better way to Paleo!
On June 16th, Coach Stevo will be rolling out a new 12-week online program for the members of San Francisco Crossfit. “Paleo Onramp” is a Habit-Based approach that introduces the paleo framework for nutrition one habit at a time, and provides accountability for everyone who joins via email, Facebook, and daily encouragement from the people you see every day at SFCF. For less than $2 a day, you’ll receive advice, daily tips, and encouragement from Coach Stevo and everyone at SFCF participating in the challenge. There will be monthly prizes for consistency as well as a Grand Prize for the person who helps the most other people change their eating habits! There are no before and after photos (unless you want to take them for yourself) or weigh-ins (unless you want to weigh yourself), just 12 weeks focused on mastering the basics of the Paleo Lifestyle.

When: June 16th
Where: Online! (you will need access to email and Facebook)
Who: SFCF members
How much: $177
What can I win? SFCF and Coach Stevo schwag every month, $200 for people who are 100% consistent for the whole 12 weeks and a $200 grand prize for MVP!
Sign up HERE.

Which version of Paleo?
Which ever version you want! The focus of the 12 weeks is to help you stick to the habits you actually want to keep doing. There will be an emphasis on commonalities such as colorful veggies, lean protein, reducing processed sugar and simple carbohydrates, and portion control, but any version of the Paleo diet that you want to try can be accommodated.

Is this just for members of San Francisco Crossfit?
Yes. The Paleo Onramp is being offered at a special price for SFCF members.

Are the prizes in cash?
Yup! $200 for people who are 100% consistent for the whole 12 weeks and a $200 grand prize for MVP!

When will we meet?
Everything will take place online. If individual groups want to meet in person (which founds really fun), they certainly can arrange that!

How long is the program?
Currently 12 weeks. If there is interest in a longer program with other habits, we’ll consider it.

How much time will this take?
The coaching will be a few minutes a day. The habits that you work on will need some attention and really it would be impossible to say how much time you’ll be spending. However you will be working on habits that will integrate into your life, so if you are spending too much time on them, it would be counterproductive.

I’ve done other contest, how is yours unique?
For one, it’s more of an online class than a contest. My goal is to teach you how to master habits. And you can apply the lessons here to any habit. Other programs only give you habits to do assuming that if you do them for enough time that you’ll form a habit. We know this not to be true, that it takes learning the skill of habit formation itself and this program equips you to make them stick. Also I provide daily support and structure things in such a way to maximize that support. You’ll be a part of a team, in which you will have daily contact to help others and to get the support you need. And you can email me anytime! In short you’ll always have what you need to succeed. Plus we will be collaborative, not competitive. I won’t be giving cash awards for a modeling contest. I will be giving cash awards for the most consistent habit builders and the most supportive person. That’s the values that matter to me. Finally, what makes the Onramp different is that the habits get scaled for you. In fact I teach you how to effectively do this yourself for any habit. Success is assured when the challenge is appropriate. Other programs only give you the habit to work on and that is it.

What happens after the three months?
You may be successful enough already, however you can keep going if you like working on new habits, or you can join our one on one coaching.

Will there be meal plans?
Not from Coach Stevo, but your small groups are encouraged to support each other in any way they can including sharing recipes, having cooking parties, and Paleo Meet ups!

Are there before and after pictures?
Only if you want to take them.

Will there be weigh-ins?
Only if you want to.

Are there prizes for the most weight lost?
The only prizes from Coach Stevo are for consistency and supporting other people. If participating members want to create new prizes, they can certainly make a pool to do that!

Will this actually work?
Yes, you will learn new tools and techniques to make the habit of Paleo eating easier for a lifetime.

Will I lose weight?
Most people do, and the goal of Paleo Onramp is to teach you the habits you’ll need to change your body composition any way you want.

Yeah, but will I lose weight?
If you eat consistently, train intelligently, recover properly, and maintain an active amount of non-exercise movement you will lose fat. How much will vary greatly by person.

How do I sign up?
Contact Coach Stevo by emailing [email protected]

Leaning Challenges

San Francisco CrossFit also offers bi-annual “Leaning Challenges,” in the spring and fall. Our members are invited to participate in a friendly and supportive competition to clean up their nutrition, improve their athletic performance, and look better naked. Participants put money into a kitty, take before and after pictures, and commit to logging everything they eat in our convenient online food logging system. Check out the before an after photos of some of our winners: