Pon™ Slays The Marin Ultra Challenge 50-Miler!

It was another weekend of competition for SFCFer Pon™, who finished the Marin Ultra Challenge 50 miler on Saturday, smashing his prior 50-mile PR by almost an hour.   Woot!!!  The race involved almost 14,000 feet of elevation gain and was a super difficult course.   This race was just a week after the Double Dipsea, where Pon™ also got a huge PR.

According to Pon™ himself, after eating ethnic food that caused him some digestive issues in the morning, he seriously considered DNFing at mile 24 but slogged on to mile 27 – the Stinson Beach aid station.  There, he met up with Lisa Masai and Chris Knievel who provided him with much needed fuel, hydration, and support.   Chris then paced Pon all the way to the finish (a full 28 miles – go Chris!).

As soon as the duo passed the Tennessee Valley Aid Station at Mile 47, Pon™ knew he could finish well under 13 hours.  He did just that, finishing the race in 12:51, almost an hour faster than his time last year on the Marin Headlands 50 Miler of 13:45, which was a much easier course.   Way to go Pon™ and Chris!