Group Class Schedule

Please note that a Basics Workshop or Private Coaching: Introduction to CrossFit Series are pre-requisites to joining our Group Classes including CrossFit, Skills, Powerlifting, Sport, Weightlifting, and Active Recovery/Mobility.

There are no prerequisites for our MetCon Classes.

Advance registration for all classes is required – click on the Sign Up Now button on the schedule below to register. You can register for class up to 2 weeks in advance and as late as 15 minutes before the class begins.

Dropping In From Another Crossfit?  No need to email us. Please visit our Dropping In page to learn more.


SFCF’s policy allows three unexcused absences before you are charged a $25 donation to Steve’s Club, a national fitness program for at-risk youth. This policy has allowed us to provide better quality workouts, which has been positively received by our members.

You must cancel a class at least 12 hours in advance. If you cancel within this window, it counts as a late cancel and an unexcused absence.

If you did attend your scheduled class or had an unforeseen circumstance arise, please email Ben immediately at [email protected] so that your account visit history can be updated. If you know in advance that you will not be able to make it to a scheduled class, but are already within the 12 hour late cancel period, it is best to email Ben before the class occurs.

While we have allowed exceptions to our policy for sickness or other unforeseen circumstances, we will not allow excessive or continuous excused absences. This exception is not meant to be abused, but instead as a means to not penalize our members who have a legitimate reason as to why they were unable to attend their scheduled class.