Double Dipsea & Throwdown Recaps!

It was a big weekend for Team SFCF with 17 athletes competing in various events.

Double Dipsea Recap

On Saturday June 23rd the Double Dipsea (Stinson to Mill Valley, return) commenced with ten (10) SFCF athletes determined to knock down 14.2 miles of nothing but ascending and descending single track trails. Our ranks included: Pon (TM), Nick Barsotti, Lisa Masai, Chris Kneivel, Danielle Brisky, Brian Thompson, Stefanie Thompson (no relation), Molly Leith (Mama), JP, Kenzo Kagawa (can’t get enough Dipsea) and Brian Foster (as Dafne Espinoza).

Trademark Pon set a new PR finishing in 2:47:23 over his 2011 time of 3:10:33; nice job!

For those who are not familiar, the Double Dipsea has 9,200 feet of elevation change; in other words: 4,600 feet of climbing, and descent. Both are tough evolutions requiring completely different skill sets.  The SFCF Team represented 5% of the total race finishers.

A shout out to Nick Barsotti who this coming Saturday will race the Marin 50 Mile Trail Race and to Josiah and Dave for showing up at Old Mill Park to cheer on our runners.

Throwdown v. TJ’s Gym Recap

On Sunday, SFCF hosted our second throwdown against our friends at TJ”s Gym where Team SFCF won two out of the three workouts to take the title back from TJ’s.   We introduced the “pimp cup” which we expect will be traded back and forth as we continue these throwdowns on a bi-monthly basis.   Congratulations to Tonya White, Beth Helton, Jessica Hall, Joe Herrle, Nick Barsotti, and John Post for their hard work and for slaying the second and third workouts for the win.

Some memorable moments include Jess Hall PRing on her snatch, Beth Helton snatching 110 lbs like it was nothing, Nick Barsotti slaying all of the workouts after having done the Double Dipsea the day before, Tonya White murdering the handstand push ups in Diane, John Post gutting out 150 wall balls for the first time ever, and Joe Herrle setting a blazing pace on the 100 meter Helen WOD.

It was a beautiful day and a fun competition!  Thanks to our friends at TJ’s for making the trip across the bridge.   If you are interested in participating in one of these throwdowns in the future, keep an eye out on our Facebook page for a call for team members in early August for our August throwdown.

Special thanks to fans Lawrence Wong, Alex Luna, Courtney Walker, Matt Helton, Rachel Kayce and a few more SFCF athletes for coming out to support our team!