Congratulations to Team SFCF

It was an epic and inspiring weekend all around in San Jose this weekend where Team SFCF – Chris, Nick, LaMar, Damian, Tonya, Beth, Lisa, and Sheena – showed up and represented SFCF very well.   Their level of preparation was evident in how well they performed all of the movements and in how they flawlessly communicated throughout the workouts.   This was a first-time competition for Chris, Beth, Lisa, and Tonya and Chris and Lisa have only been Crossfitting for about a year (or maybe even less in Lisa’s case).   Some amazing moments included Tonya hang power cleaning more than her body weight for 15 reps, Lisa and LaMar PRing on their snatches by 10lbs each, Beth Helton easily snatching 105# after struggling with 85# earlier in the day, and Chris butterfly kipping his pull-ups Chris Spealler-style.   It was also amazing that a huge number of SFCFers showed up on all three days (including many people for the snatch ladder at 8 a.m. on Sunday morning) to cheer for and support our team.  Special thank you to Coaches Roop and Carl for dedicating so much time and hard work to developing this team and coaching them the past 2 months and over the weekend.  Congratulations Team SFCF and thank you so much to all of the supporters for making the trip down!   Also, thank you to Tory Kornblum, and Alexis Contos, and Eugene Choe for these photos of the weekend.   2013 here we come!