Congrats To Our Spring Leaning Winners









Congratulations to our 2012 Spring Leaning winners Reza Tavana and Margaret Polyak!    Over 30 of our athletes participated in this 30-day Paleo challenge and it was a great way to get everyone’s diet back on track before summer.  Over 125 votes were cast by the SFCF community for our six finalists Reza, Kyle, Tim, Margaret, Susan, and Lara.   Not only did the finalists do a great job cleaning up their diets but they subjected themselves to having their “before” and “after” pictures on display for a week by the SFCF community.

Reza and Margaret will be sharing the almost $500 “kitty” and also won a 1-month membership to SFCF.    It was also the first time folks used Beyond the Whiteboard to log their meals and it worked well.

In other news, we are planning a Paleo Cooking Class in August so check out our next newsletter for details.   Also, our Fall Leaning challenge will begin in late September and it will be a longer challenge this time – 8 weeks.