Aim for a B+ on Nutrition. A Jesse Thomas Re-Post, By Nate Helming

I first came across this insightful and funny article by pro triathlete Jesse Thomas about a month ago. I was finishing up my recent article comparing solid versus liquid fueling for triathlon, and I wanted to get some personal input from professional triathletes that I could add to my article.

While Jesse briefly touches upon fueling, I immediately gravitated toward his daily nutritional philosophy. Simply put, it’s refreshing to hear a competitive athlete who does not obsess about their day-day nutrition for their racing performance. And while we always strive for, encourage, and admire perfection, it’s nice to hear from a top athlete who proudly enjoys not being the first student in class in all subjects.

Below is a link to the full article, but here are a few nuggets I gleaned from his post:

–He’s funny and clearly enjoys competing and writing about his tinkerings.

–Calorie counting doesn’t necessarily work in the long run. The body’s a complex system, with constantly shifting caloric needs. It costs significant mental and physical energy to nail it each day. Additionally, counting doesn’t teach you to listen to the body’s internal messages about its needs.

–Racing weight: Jesse realized he races best when he trains consistently, eats “mostly healthy” and mostly ignores the scale. Forcing your body one weight or another can work, but it’s a dangerous game with significant downsides. And for mos athletes that mental and physical energy could be better applied to other aspects of one’s training, racing, and recovery.

–Aim for a B+! I think this is somewhat facetiously stated but true. A perfect diet is just too hard sometimes. It’s best to nutritionally aim for a “mostly healthy” nutritional approach that includes the occasional beer, dessert, or sibling inspired burger throw down.

While this advice is catered more towards endurance athletes, it equally applies to the paleo-enthused CrossFit population. Paleo challenges are transformative and powerful, but those who’ve done them know how hard it is to stay strict paleo once the 30 day challenge ends!

So there you go. Straight from the gut…er…mouth of a 2x WildFlower Long Course Champion!

Read Jesse’s Full Article Here

Train (and Eat) Well,